AI for content writing


Content is one of the most important parts of a website’s SEO – you can’t rank a website without good content.

That is because people who search for information, about any subject, simply for the sake of informing themselves, or as a step toward making a purchase,

are expecting Google and the other search engines to show them where to find the right information.

Acquiring Content

Since not every business owner and every SEO is a fluent prolific writer, people who want to display information and not write it, look for the services of content writers.

These days you can get content written for you on just about any topic you can think of, from air-conditioning installation, to car repair, to marketing, and everything in between.

There are freelance websites such as Fiverr and Upwork, where you can find a writer directly, or you can go into a writing service website such as ProBlogger or Ranking Articles and pay for content without knowing who the actual writer is.

Enter AI

For years now, people have tried to build and use AI (Artificial Intelligence) software to produce content.

It used to be content spinners that could take a piece of content from one place, spin it (reword it basically), and create “different content” – but this method has gone from our world, at least in terms of ranking in Google.

Other software were created to curate articles on autopilot – but that too is now obsolete, thanks to Google’s ever-updating algorithm.

But the recent version of AI software programs are using a much more sophisticated curating, spinning, and re-ordering of content, that first of all Google now loves this kind of content, and on top of that, a lot of the content that’s being created automatically by machines, are being accepted by human readers.

These software are collecting information from all over the web, rewording it, cross-referencing data, and presenting all of that in a beautiful readable format – in a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds!

At the top of current days, popular software are Kafkai and Jarvis.

I recommend that you check them out – just to see how they are doing in your profession.

Since these websites are so much cheaper than any writer or writing service, I think a lot more content creation is going to go through them, especially in less critical information areas, where making a mistake or disinforming the visitors won’t cause irreparable damage.

AI On Steroids

I decided to try Jarvis for my own digital assets (websites I have for the purpose of earning commissions from ads and affiliate sales) and was very surprised.

However, I did find myself correcting some grammatical errors, tweaking the information so that it is on par with what I know to be true in the area I was writing about, and asking for a rewrite on paragraphs I didn’t think were suitable.

I also got some confusing information on some subjects, and some refusal to write on a specific topic that dealt with more sensitive matters (medical).

This is what led me to what I believe is the right way to use this software: research and ideation.

If you’ve ever written content, then you know that there is nothing worse, nothing more intimidating to a writer than a blank page.

Every writer has their own way to avoid this terror (I say this with a tongue in cheek, but I know it can block writing for a long time for many writers) – some use templates, others use fill-in-the-blank starter content… anything to put some virtual ink to the screen we can relate to.

This is where I found Jarvis SOOOO helpful!

I wrote a couple of words, then let the machine do its thing, then corrected it a little, wrote some more, and asked Jarvis for more information and ideas.

Using AI this way has led me from simple curating or rewording to actually writing a lot of the content myself based on the ideas I got from the software.


I don’t see Jarvis or any other software (that’s currently available to the general public) replacing real human writing, especially in professional content,

but I do think it is a great tool for research (since it gets you information from the web, based on what you already have written), and ideation.

If you’d like to try it for yourself, here’s my link – it will give you an extra content coupon just for using this link: