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Whether your website is new or a veteran virtual real estate,

I know there are things to do to improve and optimize it, so that Google will look at it differently.

The thing is it’s not always so easy to tell for yourself what these things are.

How would you like to KNOW
what issues your website has and how to fix them?

Now you can get a full SEO audit for up to 30 pages for only $147.

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So what's in this audit?

In this website audit I will go over some of the highly important factors that affect your ranking on Google.

These factors are taken from Google’s published documents and guidelines, as well as from my own experience from years of web development and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In short: it is what practically and consistently known to work.

Let me show you what you’ll get in the final report:

Click the titles below to see what they include.

The title tag is one of the most important tags effecting a web page’s ranking (if not the most important).

I will verify that your titles are properly coded and up to the standards for Google, and if any of them is not well formed, I will recommend the proper corrections required to get them there.

The description tag tells the people who are searching, what your page will be about. This is where you’d put additional information on the page, and it is vital in order to market it and attract the searchers from the search engine into the site.

I will review your descriptions and let you know whether they are all in order and that they display properly on the search results pages,

and what to do if anything needs fixing.

Google recently introduced a group of factors into their ranking algorithm (the mechanism that determines the search results rankings), called “Core Web Vitals”, which relate to speed and user experience.

I will give you a report on the grades your every page gets on these factors, and what to do to improve them when needed.

Most people in the world are surfing the internet from their mobile phones – it has been this way for years, and the percentages are only growing.

Therefore a website must be mobile ready and mobile friendly to be eligible for high ranking in Google.

I will check each page for Mobile Friendliness and suggest repairs where necessary.

Images on your website have a role to play in your rankings as well – how fast (or slow) they load, whether they are properly displayed, with all the right attributes, makes a difference on the way search engines evaluate your pages.

I will give you a full status on all your images and suggest any required tweaks to optimize them.

We all know how annoying it can be, to click a link and find out that the page we were looking for is missing (what we technically call a 404 error – page not found).

There are also other types of errors, that show up on websites on occasion.

As part of this audit, I will provide you with a list of errors on your site, with recommendations on how to fix them.

One of the very effective ways to inform Google and other search engines about the pages on your website is by using site maps.

I will review your site maps and verify that they are correct and beneficial to your ranking on the search engines.

A page can instruct the search engines to index it (allow it to appear on the search results) or not.

Getting this wrong can mean content duplication problems, pages not appearing at all in the search results, and various other issues.

I will review your indexing settings and let you know if all is okay, or are there corrections required.

Headings inform the visitors on your website what the page they are on, is about.

I will review your headings both for proper code standards and to see that they match your topics and do not mislead the visitors on your site.

For each item in the review, I will give you my
professional opinion and expert recommendation
on the proper way to fix the issue
to rank higher in the search engine.

What can you do with this audit:

Generally speaking, you have 3 options once you get the audit from me:

  1. Fix the issues yourself – either you already know how, or you can learn how to do it from the audit and from online tutorials;
  2. Take the audit to a professional you work with, and ask them to fix things for you; or
  3. Contact me and let me be your professional SEO and web go to guy.

Either way, once you get the audit report – you will have a list of issues you can optimize that will boost your rankings,

and my professional recommendations for each and every one of these issues.

So click the button below and let's get your website ranking higher*

Important legal / regulatory note:

* I do not and cannot promise you any ranking in Google or anywhere else – first, because I am forbidden to do that according to Google’s rules – no one can promise any ranking of a website in the search results;

and second, because I don’t know you, your skill level or expertise, nor do I know your website, or your website’s competition. I don’t know what you will do or not do.

So this report should not under any circumstances be regarded as a promise of any results, but strictly as a professional evaluation.

** Any change that you make on your website, based on my recommendation and/or any report that you receive from me is entirely your responsibility. Despite the fact that you will get my best expert opinion, I do not control Google or any search engine, and they may at their own discretion change their algorithms and affect your website rankings.

*** You should also know that it may take up to 3 months in some cases to see changes in rankings. Therefore

a. better start ASAP

b. after you implement a change, wait. Don’t change it back to the way it was a week later because things have remained the same. It takes time.


Since I will be doing the audit especially for you specifically on your website, this is effort and time that cannot be unspent, and therefore I will not give refunds.